How does two more years of mask wearing & social distancing sound? Brace yourself for it....

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Wednesday, July 15th
The rush to reopen the country during the first COVID-lockdown around Memorial Day was predicated, in most cases, of Americans itching and scratching to get back to their regular lives.  Almost three months of being stuck in the house proved too much for many people; and even now, with the country reopened but coronavirus cases surging, wearing a mask is proving too much for many people.

It's that resistance to the kinds of communal steps we all have to take to slow the infection rate--combined with just how contagious this virus can be--which likely means we are nowhere close to returning to normal.

Dr. Eric Toner is an internist & emergency medicine physician; he's a senior scientist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health..........and he's spent the better part of his career studying pandemics.