How California cities are preparing for the "inevitable" arrival of coronavirus--The more expensive your car, the more likely you are to be a jerk behind the wheel--Even the U.S. Air Force is confused & in the dark about those mysterious Colorado ...

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, February 26th
The coronavirus has not yet gained a foothold in the United States, but public health officials are taking no chances.

Here in L.A. county, they're already counting available hospital beds and planning for the possibility of a large-spread outbreak of coronavirus--and what happens if the virus starts spreading among the city's homeless population?

Up in San Francisco, they've preemptively declared a public health emergency, even though there hasn't been a single reported case of coronavirus.  The preparations are underway, but will they be enough to keep coronavirus at bay?  We'll go In Depth.

Democrats engaged in a chaotic and often times messy debate in South Carolina, with most of the candidates taking their best shots at front-runner Bernie Sanders.........but did any of them land their rhetorical punches?

Remember those mysterious drones that were flying in a grid-like pattern over Colorado?  Turns out that even the mighty U.S. Air Force had no clue where they were from or who was controlling them.