Harvey Weinstein convicted of rape, going to jail--No slowdown in coronavirus spread, Wall Street spooked--Adam Schiff on affordable housing & election security

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Monday, February 24th
Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul who became the ignition point of the Me Too movement thanks to at least a dozen allegations of sexual assault leveled against him, was found guilty of third-degree rape today.......and was immediately booked into New York state prison.

The march of coronavirus across the globe shows no signs of slowing down, with new cases popping up in new country's; and the coronavirus outbreak has significantly spooked traders on Wall Street--we'll get you up to date on a brutal day for your 401K.

A test of first amendment rights is coming up in Connecticut, where two university students were arrested and charged with making racial slurs under a 100-year-old law..........but while deplorable, is making racial slurs a crime?

And House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff is back on In Depth talking about renewed attacks on the integrity of American elections, and how the Trump administration is responding to them.