Gyms & hair salons in California suffering whiplash after being ordered to close, again--can they survive another lockdown?

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Tuesday, July 14th
Many small businesses in California, from restaurants to retail shops, had a little over a month to reopen after the forced lockdown ended in late May.  That's a mere four to five weeks to get all kinds of new safety equipment and procedures in place and then rush to make up several months worth of lost revenues.  And then yesterday, that race to catch-up was abruptly ended when most businesses in California counties with high COVID cases were once again forced to close.

For gyms and hair salons, in particular, it's been a really rough ride because these are business predicated on lots of up-close-and-personal attention.  We're going to ask two small business owners how they're going to survive this second go-round.

Mark Harari is the owner and head trainer at Pulse Fitness Studio in Sherman Oaks


Jason Backe is CEO and the master colorist at Starring by Ted Gibson, a hair salon in mid-city Los Angeles