Frustrated over possible gas price gouging? Unsure whether to eat that steak? Then...light up a joint at lunch! Plus, Trump Down Under

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, October 1st
You've probably noticed when gassing up your vehicle, gas prices are rocketing toward five buck a gallon. Yeah. That's frustrating enough.  But why is this happening may frustrate you more........Debating the health impacts of eating red meat is kind of like diving into a sports rivalry: the opinions are fierce.  But the great red meat debate is back......Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is punching back at three House committees saying he'll ignore their subponaes in the Trump impeachment investigation......We travel down under where Australian politicians have now been swept up into the scandal swirling around President Trump.........Closer to home, and if all of this impeachment talk has you stressed out: a first of its kind cafe is opening up its doors in West Hollywood today where you can pair different types of marijuana with dishes