Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade talks about his show's #1 fan--plus, Trump impeachment fait acompli and UK's Tories election romp

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Friday, December 13th
Brian Kilmeade, the host of Fox and Friends, wakes up each morning to put together his show--which is one of the most watched daily programs in the country--knowing full well that one person in his audience just happens to be the most powerful person in the entire world.  We talk with Kilmeade........

Speaking of the national political climate, it's about to get a whole lot more tense after Democrats in the House moved just one step away from impeaching President Trump.  We look ahead to the impeachment vote and the Senate trial.

The chaotic politics of the United Kingdom are feeling slightly more settled today, after an election blowout that vaulted the conservative Tories to big majorities and decimated the Labour party--we go to London for an up-close view.

And there appears to be a cease fire in the Trump trade war with China--so what was gained for all those tariffs and economic pain?