First case of new virus reported in U.S.--Midnight sessions could mark President Trump's impeachment trial--GOP strategist Rick Wilson discusses plans to make Donald Trump a one-term president

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Tuesday, January 21st
The first case of that new coronavirus that began in China has been reported here in the U.S. A patient is being treated in the Seattle-area. Is this the start of a new pandemic?  

The rules for President Trump's impeachment trial are being debated in the Senate as the proceedings finally begin. Democrats are concerned the rules package proposed by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could keep many Americans in the dark. 

You probably all have taken Tylenol before.  California officials are now looking into whether it can cause cancer and should be labeled as a carcinogen. 

Not all Republicans are on board with another four years of President Trump. While many may silently hope for his defeat, one longtime GOP strategist is laying out a blueprint to take President Trump down in November.  Rick Wilson discusses the impeachment trial, the Trump administration and his new book "Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America From Trump--and Democrats from themselves."