Dr. Raffi Tachdjian

KNX Hero of the Week
Wednesday, February 20th
A UCLA physician provides music to the ears of sick children.

Here's the KNX Hero of the Week:

Music therapy is helping children who suffer from chronic or life-changing illnesses to manage their pain, fear and anxiety and it's all thanks to Dr. Raffi Tachdjian, founder and president of the non-profit Children's' Music Fund.

Tachdjian got into music therapy during his time as a resident at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where he collaborated with the Berklee School of Music. He brought the idea to Los Angeles where he works with music therapists from Cal-State Northridge.

The Childrens' Music Fund recently donated a state-of-the-art music cart to Adventist Health White Memorial Medical Center. It includes instruments for children, a recording device and musical plug-ins.

Tachdjian tells Diane Thompson the plan is to donate four more customized music therapy carts to other hospitals in Los Angeles to help more kids.