Do we really still need all of that social distancing and sheltering in place to stop coronavirus? -- New COVID-19 symptom: loss of the sense of smell -- The psychology of hoarding toilet paper during a pandemic

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Monday, March 23rd
People are growing impatient after a week of being trapped inside -- trying to slow the outbreak of coronavirus.  There were big crowds at beaches and on hiking trails this weekend, largely ignoring the idea of social distancing.  Even President Trump himself is growing impatient -- so we'll ask: is the cure for the coronavirus outbreak more damaging than the illness itself?

There's an interesting symptom that's presenting in more COVID-19 patients: the loss of their sense of smell.  What does the loss of smell tell us about how to detect and possibly how to treat this coronavirus?  We'll go In Depth. 

If you went out to a grocery store this weekend, there were more empty shelves where the paper towels and toilet paper used to be. We'll explore - again - the reasons why we hoard.

And as the economy sinks further into a coronavirus daze and Congress stalls on a relief package, there are people raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to help out hourly workers who have lost their jobs amid the outbreak.