Did Trump's insulting Tweet amount to witness intimidation......Tired: quid pro quo -- Wired: bribery & extortion.....and Debbie Harry takes us back to '70's NYC's punk & disco scenes

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Friday, November 15th
President Trump apparently couldn't help but insert himself squarely in the middle of today's impeachment inquiry hearing, tweeting insults at the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine as she was in the middle of her testimony.  Democrats are crying witness intimidation, while Republicans are insisting it's free speech.  Who's right?......It's OUT with quid pro quo-----and IN with criminal terms like extortion and bribery. Democrats are changing their tune in how they characterize President Trump's actions . Will this be enough to win the battle for hearts and minds?......There was a violent and scary scene in last night's NFL game between the Steelers and Browns, with one player ripping the helmet off of another and hitting him over the head with it......And at the back end of today's show we talk to a rock icon:  Debbie Harry was the face and voice of new wave band Blondie, back in the late 70's and early '80's when you usually didn't see women fronting bands. Debbie Harry gets candid about her many ups and downs, coming up on In Depth.