Deputies Gerardo Acosta and Gilbert Gonzalez

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, April 25th
Two LA County Sheriff's deputies have gone above and beyond to provide safety for a baby that was left home, alone.

Here are the KNX Heroes of the Week: 

Deputies Gerardo Acosta and Gilbert Gonzalez typically spend their days keeping people safe with Metro's rail system. 

The two were recently challenged when a woman tried to take her life by jumping off a platform, in front of a train. Miraculously, the woman survived and was not seriously hurt.  

But later, after getting transported to a hospital for treatment and evaluations, the deputies learned that there was more to the story: 

"Word gets out that she possibly has a child at home, alone."

That child was just 18 months old.  

Deputy Acosta says they could have waited and sent the information along to the local jurisdiction. But because of the nature of the situation, they knew they had to act fast. 

"There was no doubt in our minds that we were going to get there, and we were going to get there as soon as possible." 

Deputy Gonzalez, who is also a certified EMT, says it is was unclear how long the toddler had been alone. And in a case like this, they could have been walking into a dangerous or dire situation: 

"For us, the biggest thing is worst-case scenario."

It was a decision the two made very carefully, and they knew it was a moment to go above and beyond their normal duties:

"Because of what the mother had tried to do, we were mentally preparing ourselves."

It took just minutes for the two deputies to arrive at the home's door,  where they entered, with guns drawn. 

To their relief, right in front of them was the baby girl, alone, alive, and OK. ​

"We reached out, and she reached over and came right into our hands." 

Going above and beyond, to rescue a child. We are proud to name LA Counties Sherriff's deputies Gerardo Acosta and Gilbert Gonzalez as the KNX Heroes of the Week!

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Heather Jordan, KNX 1070 News Radio.