Dan Taguchi

KNX Hero of the Week
Tuesday, January 7th
Music can be healing. 

Our KNX Hero of the Week is a long-time Los Angeles County musician who is warming the hearts of seniors through music from an era long ago. 

When it comes to big bands, Dan Taguchi is your guy. He's played and taught music all over Southern California for several decades now, soothing the souls of audience members - many of whom are Japanese Seniors.

Dan Taguchi

"I've performed at several senior centers," says Dan, "including the Nikkei Senior Garden in the valley, and the Kei-Ai Los Angeles Health and Wellness Center, which houses a lot of Japanese and Japanese American seniors." 

Dan says during the time of the Japanese internment camps back in the 1940s, every camp formed a big band to let people know that those inside were Americans - and they played American music. So, each of Dan's big band performances has a special connection to many of the older Japanese audience members.

"I try to give them a 'good' reminder, and a 'good' memory of their experience in the concentration camps." 

Dan plays the saxophone in the big band. But, he's a master of other instruments as well. "When I'm performing by myself, I play keyboard, acoustic guitar, flute and clarinet."

He also dabbles a little bit in singing. 

Big Band Dan Taguchi

Bringing light and music to an audience who suffered through one of the darker moments of American history, we are honoring Dan Taguchi as our KNX Hero of the Week.  

KNX Heroes is presented by California Resources Corporation, saluting our military veterans, and all of our heroes. 

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