Cutting the landline cord could come back to bite us.....key testimony comes back to bite Trump.....Popeyes chicken sandwich craze bites an unfortunate Maryland man

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, November 5th
The usefulness of the 140-year-old landline telephone became clear to millions of Californians last week when extreme wildfire risk led to preemptive power cuts, which in turn knocked out cell phone towers across the state.  Suddenly your cell phone was useless and if you didn't have a landline, you were in the dark......A horrible story out of the desert of Northern Mexico where 9 American citizens, all women and children, were murdered by likely drug cartel gunmen.  It might have been a case of mistaken identity, but it shows lawlessness on the rise in Mexico......Some amended testimony from the Trump administration's ambassador to the European Union breaths major life into the idea that the President was indeed seeking a clear "quid pro quo" from the Ukrainian government when it came to investigating Joe Biden......New research broke down rates of drug addiction by profession and it turns out that construction workers are the likeliest to abuse drugs like cocaine and opioids.......And a Maryland man was stabbed to death, all because of a Popeyes chicken sandwich today.