Could 100,000+ Americans die because of this coronavirus outbreak? -- Insult to injury: health insurance premiums are about to skyrocket because of coronavirus -- Whole Foods workers about to walk off their jobs in protest for more protection, hig...

KNX In Depth
Monday, March 30th
Even as we brace for the worst from this nation-wide outbreak of coronavirus, the statistics cited by Dr. Anthony Fauci - the infectious disease expert on the president's task force - came as a shock: even with long-term social distancing practices, 100 to 200-thousand Americans could die.

Could things really get that grim?  We'll go In Depth.

Another bad side effect of the outbreak:  brace yourselves for spiking health insurance premiums over the next year.

And it's been talked up by President Trump himself, the mix of an anti-malaria drug with antibiotics as a treatment for COVID-19.  Is it a possible miracle cure or high-risk snake oil?

Whole Foods workers are the latest group of front-line grocery store workers who are walking out on a one-day strike to protest a lack of protective gear and make demands for hazard pay.  Do grocery store clerks, baggers and checkers deserve much more during this crisis?

And...our great national toilet paper shortage continues.  Why? Why is it proving so difficult to ramp up production of toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer?