Congress gets ready for fight over another stimulus bill--A new drug could save lives--A coronavirus survivor shares his life-and-death battle

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Wednesday, April 8th
$2 trillion isn't going to cut it.  Even with all of that money approved in the fist stimulus bill in the early stages of going out to individual Americans and small businesses it's clear a lot more is needed.  

With labs around the world rushing to develop drug therapies and vaccines to treat COVID-19, there is one new antiviral drug that is showing a lot of early promise. 

One man who was infected with the novel coronavirus was minutes away from being put on a ventilator, but then came back from the brink with the help of another, much debated drug therapy.

Bernie Sanders, after holding onto fading hopes that he could still compete for the Democratic presidential nomination, is officially out of the race today.  Let the Biden-Trump general election matchup officially begin.