Chelsie Hill

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, August 22nd
More than five million people in America have some degree of paralysis. It can be devastating, not just physically, but emotionally. 

Our KNX Hero of the Week is using her own experience after a tragic car accident to uplift those with paralysis, through music and dance. 

Chelsie Hill is the mastermind behind "The Rolletes."  It's a group of ladies from Southern California who inspire others with their amazing dance routines - all while using their wheelchairs. 

"I started this idea back in 2012, purely because I was newly injured, and I wanted to find other people that were like me," says Chelsie. "I reached out to girls on social media, to come to my hometown and do a dance showcase. And we did that and we bonded so much, that every year we would get back together." 

That showcase has now grown into an array of events and classes, including an annual four-day "experience" that provides support, connection, and a lot of fun. It also pushes the boundaries of disabilities.

"The 'Rollettes Experience' is a women's empowerment weekend," says Chelsie. "[It focuses on> sisterhood, community, and friendship."

At last weekend's "Rollettes Experience" in Los Angeles, there were 175 participants representing ten different countries from around the world. 

Chelsie started competitive dancing when she was five-years-old and continued dancing into her high school years. 

Then one day, everything changed. 

Chelsie was a passenger in car that was involved in a horrific car accident. Because of the injuries she suffered, Chelsie became paralyzed from the waist down.

She says dancing helped her overcome the new challenges she faced. Dancing created a way to smile again. It also became a way to help others. 

"I feel sexy. I feel confident. I feel empowered," says Chelsie, when talking about dancing. "I wanted other women to feel that way, as well. Because THEY are sexy. THEY are powerful."

Southern California college student, Isabel Estrada, suffers from a brittle bone disease, called osteogenesis imperfecta. Isabel has taken several dance classes with the Rollettes, and says Chelsie shows her that being in wheelchair doesn't hold her back.

"She's very inspiring," says Isabel about Chelsie. "She always meets you with a smile on her face. I have those bad days, you know, when you see those big hills coming up. But having someone to talk about it with, is incredible."

It's been a journey for Chelsie, who gives a lot credit to her dad, who's been her number-one cheerleader. 

"My father has always taught me to reach for the moon. And reach for the sky, [because[ the sky's the limit," remarks Chelsie. "I have some big dreams for the Rollettes Experience, and for our attendees. I will do everything that I can to reach all women and kids out there." 

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Inspiring the lives of people with disabilities through music and dance, Chelsie Hill is this week's KNX Hero of the Week.  

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