CDC vs. the Trump admin in assessing coronavirus threat--California home prices continue their relentless climb--Uber, Lyft bad for climate change

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, February 25th
On the one hand, you've got President Trump and several members of his administration telling Americans that any potential for a widespread coronavirus outbreak here in the United States is minimal and they've got the situation well in hand.  On the other hand, you've got officials at the Centers for Disease Control warning today that the spread of coronavirus here in the U.S. is "inevitable" and could dramatically impact daily life.  So which one is it? 

The rapid spread of coronavirus across Asia has had a big impact on the Asian-American community right here in Los Angeles, affecting everything from travel to trade.

And then there's the politics and conspiracy theories born from coronavirus, which are spreading almost as quickly as the disease itself.  We'll go in depth on all of it.

There were some signs last year that California's real estate market was finally cooling off; but those signs are now pointing in the other direction.  The average home in California now costs north of 615-thousand dollars, shutting most of us out of the market.

And when Uber and Lyft were taking off, we were told that ridesharing would help the environment by encouraging carpooling and cutting down on car rides.  Well, turns out the exact opposite is true.