CA's Gov. Newsom taking a leading role in combating coronavirus outbreak -- Are those masks & face coverings really protecting you from COVID-19? -- Some unexpected good news from your auto insurance company

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, April 7th
California was among the first states in the country to order its residents to shelter in place, locking down much of society to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.  And so far, at least, that early action seems to be paying dividends --- and now California finds itself in a leadership position among states in acquiring vital medical gear.  We will talk about all of this when we go In Depth with Governor Gavin Newsom.

But...bad news for residents of Los Angeles, or any big city with chronic air pollution: COVID-19 is found to be much deadlier for those of us who have been breathing in smog for years.

Step outside your home these days and it's pretty hard to avoid seeing people in face masks---rightfully so, we're all doing what we've been told, to cover our faces in some way to slow the possible spread of coronavirus.  But how effective are masks and gloves...could we actually be doing more harm than good?

One segment of the population has expressed major hesitations in covering their faces, given some really unfortunate history in this area---we'll explain.

And a rare positive in this pandemic: you might be getting a rebate from your auto insurance company.