Cari Hart-Bunevith

KNX Hero of the Week
Tuesday, February 19th
An Orange County woman is helping foster kids move toward self-sufficiency. 

Here's the KNX Hero of the Week: 

Cari Hart-Bunevith helps at-risk teens make the difficult transition from the foster care system into the real world. 

Cari is founder and executive director of Hart Community Homes and Monkey Business Cafe. She opened the Cafe as a work development program. 

The kids are earning money and getting valuable work experience at the cafe's two locations in Orange County. Cari tells Diane Thompson the kids are also learning where food comes from and how to grow it. 

Cari says it's a great feeling to know the kids are moving forward with their lives as independent adults.  

We are proud to name Cari Hart-Bunevith as the KNX Hero of the Week! 

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