Can the new Star Wars movie cause seizures?--Has the U.S. war in Afghanistan been built on lies--Did a Claremont church go too far with its politically-charged nativity scene?

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Monday, December 9th
Disney today issued a seizure warning for the new Star Wars movie because of sustained flashing lights. We'll go in depth on the warning for people with epilepsy and how more modern movies are triggering these seizure concerns.

To anyone who studied the American war in Vietnam, today's report in the Washington Post on how the U.S. government has conducted the 18-year-long war in Afghanistan will sound awfully familiar. 

The Golden Globe nominations kick off awards season and there are some notable....even controversial.......absences in today's announcement

There's a lot more to the shooting at the Pensacola Naval Air Station by a Saudi air force officer than we first knew.

And a Methodist church in Claremont didn't go the traditional route for their nativity scene; instead they put baby Jesus and his parents, Mary and Joseph, separated in cages.