California's earthquake swarms, wildfires, floods, mudslides, power cuts--no wonder people are, Anonymous dishes Trump dirt, Mike Rowe dishes the rest of the story

KNX In Depth
Friday, November 8th
If the fires and smoke and wind wasn't enough for you, how about a swarm of about 50 earthquakes in 24 hours hitting up in Ventura County?  California's natural disaster wheel of fortune strikes again, with dozens of smaller but still disturbing earthquakes shaking our region......Speaking of natural disasters, the fires, floods and quakes are contributing elements to a very real population drain for California, but bigger issues at work are the high taxes driving out the rich, and the high cost of housing and living forcing out the middle class.  Is California still the Golden State?......Is Michael Bloomberg the antidote to what has so far been, in many people's eyes, an underwhelming Democratic presidential primary race?......The Anonymous senior Trump administration figure who shocked political circles with a critical op-ed in the New York Times is back with a full blown book now, dishing on what looks like a highly dysfunctional White House.......And Mike Rowe, the long-time host of the "Dirty Jobs" TV show is keeping the focus on the hard work of ordinary Americans.  He's out with a new book, and he joins us to tell "the rest of the story"