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Thursday, July 30th
A team of all-stars has spent their off-season helping out Southern Californians during the pandemic.

They are the KNX Heroes of the Week, and they are standing strong to keep people safe and supported.

They are California Strong.

Founded by Mike Attanasio, Major League Baseball players Ryan Braun, Mike Moustakas, Christian Yelich, and NFL Quarterback Jared Goff, the men banded together a few years ago when destructive wildfires tore through the Los Angeles area.

"All of us have homes in Southern California, in the area [where] the Woolsey Fire was burning through," says Attanasio. "We were very fortunate to have our homes spared."

Attanasio works in the front office for the Milwaukee Brewers. After the fires, he and the four athletes strategized on how to help the SoCal community during major events and disasters. California Strong quickly developed, and over the last year and a half they have raised millions of dollars in aid.

KNX 1070 News Handout
KNX 1070 News Handout

"We've taken this to, hopefully, a symbol of hope and strength in times when our state needs it most," explains Attanasio. "We've just continued to grow, and raise money. And [we've] tried to have as widespread an impact as possible."

When the pandemic hit, California Strong started providing supplies, PPE and funding for local hospitals and support organizations. "The pandemic really impacted everyone's lives here in California," says Attanasio. 

"So, we've partnered with UCSF Health, Cedars Sinai and UCLA Health, and we've donated around $90,000 to their COVID relief funds. We've provided about 100,000 meals to Californians through our partnership with Feeding America. We've [also] donated 15,000 masks to the LAPD, and CalVet, in partnership with Bella+Canvas.

"And, we've donated and distributed more than $120,000 directly to individuals and families impacted by the pandemic, in partnership with the Ventura County Community Foundation," says Attanasio. "So, we've really tried to hit as many areas as possible, and to individuals in need."

Karen Grimley is the Chief Nursing Executive for UCLA Health. She says the supplies not only helped save lives, but the meals provided to doctors and staff have brought a sense of strength and comfort during what has been a very challenging time.

"The efforts they made, to do this for us - they went much further than we would have ever thought!" says Grimley. "The fact that they thought of us, the fact that their timing was so good, it was wonderful! It was very well received, and very well appreciated. It made a difference."

Mike Attanasio and the founders of California Strong are our KNX Heroes of the Week!

"We're just so grateful to be able to give back," says the Director of Business Strategy for the Milwaukee Brewers, "and [we] are really humbled by the support we have received during this time."

The founders of California Strong are raising money with special California Strong face masks, with 100% of the proceeds supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. For more information or to purchase a mask, go to​​​

Hear more of my interview with Mike Attanasio by clicking the KNX podcast link on this page.

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