California quickly becoming ground zero for U.S. coronavirus defense--Is it just coronavirus anxieties behind stock market flop, or are there bigger economic concerns?--Lori Loughlin unearths new evidence she says proves her innocence

KNX In Depth
Thursday, February 27th
California is quickly becoming ground zero for the national defense against a coronavirus outbreak in the broader country.  Not only is the first patient who contracted coronavirus from an unknown source in Northern California, but the state is monitoring almost 85-hundred people who might have had exposure to the virus. 

Can we trust the federal government to get it right on stopping a coronavirus outbreak here before it gets out of hand?

And are we now in a cycle of pandemics, breaking out every few years, that will  present a continuous public health threat?  

Wall Street continued its downward spiral today, with the Dow Jones moving into grim "correction" territory.  Is it just coronavirus that has investors so spooked, or is there something else at work driving down stocks?

And Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have stuck to their claims of innocence in the college admissions bribery scandal--but now their lawyers say they have the evidence to prove it, and claim that federal prosecutors have been withholding it.