Boy Scouts declare bankruptcy under cloud of sexual abuse allegations--The great airline seat reclining debate--Latest victim of coronavirus is the global economy

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Tuesday, February 18th
The men who suffered abuse at the hands of Boy Scoutmasters while they were adolescents and teenagers tell stories of broken lives, littered with failed relationships and trust issues--all stemming from the trauma of sexual abuse when they were Boy Scouts.  Today the Boy Scouts declared bankruptcy under the weight of tens of thousands of legal settlements over decades of sexual abuse.

The viral video of an airline passenger repeatedly punching the reclined seat of another passenger as sparked a debate about why seats in increasingly cramped airliners are allowed to recline at all:  are we on the cusp of an upright seat revolution?

The coronavirus pandemic that has infected tens of thousands of people has also now infected the global economy.  Apple was the first to sound the alarm of slowing production in China because of coronavirus, but they won't be alone among suffering global corporations.

After over 2,000 former federal prosecutors signed onto a letter demanding Attorney General Bill Barr's resignation, President Trump showed he's going to keep on doing his own thing when it comes to influencing the justice system after he issued several controversial pardons and commutations today.