Bill Bracken

KNX Hero of the Week
Thursday, March 26th
The coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of changes across our community. It includes the closure of restaurants and schools - where many people get their daily meals. 

So, a former KNX Hero of the Week is adapting his food kitchen to help keep thousands of people nourished during this time of uncertainty. 

Bracken's Kitchen is a staple for many in Orange County. It's run by five-star chef Bill Bracken, and it provides free food for kids and adults; the homeless and the hungry. In just four days last week, Bracken's Kitchen served nearly 15,000 meals.

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"We literally pivoted all of our food service programming, and turned into another direction, so that we can ramp up and do massive production meals for everybody who's going to need it," says Bill. 

"We're making pasta primavera, roast chicken, beef stroganoff... we're making pork stew. We're just doing tons of one-pot meals, that we send out with fresh fruit and bread... to those who are really needy right now." 

Bracken's Kitchen is also helping restaurant industry workers who recently lost their jobs. Bill says people with cooking experience can make things in the kitchen move a bit faster, which is crucial since the number of orders have been increasing dramatically. 

"We've brought in a strategic planner to our emergency response team. And, he has been working with a variety of organizations to arrange getting the food out." 

This week, Bracken's Kitchen expects to serve between 20,000 and 25,000 meals.  

"We're all over the place," says Bill. "We're feeding a lot of families and kids."  

Health measures are also being taken, to keep everyone safe. 

"The first thing we do is hit the temperature on the forehead, and make sure [the workers] are safe, with no fevers. And, we make sure people are taking the social isolation serious," says Bill. "Otherwise, this will turn into a bigger problem for us."  

Our former KNX Hero of the Week, Bill Bracken! Keeping the community fed during this time of uncertainty. 

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