Ben & Jerry's sued for fudging "happy cows" claim---Doordash sued for swiping its drivers tips---Could America's internet be shutdown by the Feds?

KNX In Depth
Tuesday, November 19th
Food is in the news today.   A lawsuit in Vermont claims Ben and Jerry's so-called environmentally friendly marketing is BULL because its famous ice cream really does not come from happy cows.......Also, Doordash is being taken to court with a charge its food delivery service is stealing customer  tips meant for drivers.  So, we will go In Depth on both these stories.......Also, the arrest of two guards who were supposed to be watching over Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself fuels yet more conspiracy theories.......Another day, another public impeachment inquiry hearing.......And as protests rage across Iran today, the Iranian regime has shut down the country's internet access, which leads us to ask the question:  could the American federal government do the same thing here, hitting a kill switch on the internet?