Away we go on the impeachment of President Trump--why James Bond will never be a woman--please clean your coffee maker, ASAP!

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Thursday, January 16th
For only the third time in American history, the U.S. Senate has opened an impeachment trial  of a U.S. President. Senators serve as jurors, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides. Opening arguments are set for next week.

We go In Depth on all things impeachment.

The producers of the James Bond franchise, facing an uncertain future after the current 007 Daniel Craig leaves the iconic role, have made a definitive and  controversial declaration:  James Bond will never be a woman.  He doesn't have to be a white man, but they say he definitely has to be a MAN.

New research is going to make you want to rush to your coffee maker .....

And we head to Texas where a food festival this weekend will feature a most unusual body part as the main delicacy.