Are some sanitizers and disinfectants better to use against coronavirus than others? -- Progress report in the search for COVID-19 vaccine, therapies -- Hollywood's well is about to run dry, at the worst possible time

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Friday, April 3rd
Disinfecting........your hands, your food, your house, pretty much everything........has become the trendiest activity out there, in our coronavirus era.  And let's face it, we don't have much else to do these days, so we obsessively clean.

So what are the best products to use that will actually kill coronavirus? And those disinfectant wipes that are insanely popular....are they effective?

It's going to take a one-two punch of a vaccine for COVID-19 and effective treatments to get our lives back to normal--so how's it going on both efforts?

How does this pandemic, both the pace of the outbreak and our response, match up to previous events like the Spanish flu or Ebola?  We'll ask a medical historian.

There are a lot of people asking about those grim projections out of the White House of mass infections and deaths from COVID-19. So we'll run the numbers. much have you been streaming lately? Made it through your "to-watch" list? How long until the entertainment well runs dry?