Are America's police officers out of control? Dozens upon dozens of videos of police brutality on protesters raises questions

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Friday, June 5th
The examples of brutal tactics used by police officers in cities across the country on seemingly peaceful protesters are growing by the day; and they're all caught on video.

--In Buffalo, a 75-year-old man is shoved to the ground, hitting his head, causing him to bleed from his ear at least a dozen officers walk by him and in some cases, step over him while he lies on the ground.

--In Philadelphia, a group of police officers on bikes go charging into protesters swinging their batons wildly, repeatedly striking several people as they're trying to run away.

--In New York City, NYPD officers were caught on camera repeatedly clubbing and wrestling to the ground a man on a bicycle, who turned out to be a food delivery worker trying to do his job.

--And here in Los Angeles, several LAPD officers were recorded aggressively swinging their batons at a group of protesters in the Fairfax District without provocation; while downtown, officers shot a homeless man in a wheelchair in the face with rubber bullets.

This is just a partial list of violent tactics used by police and all just within the past 24 hours.  Are cops in this country out of control?

Ronal Serpas served as Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department and Chief of the Nashville Police Department; currently he's a police procedures professor at Loyola University New Orleans

Jim Bueermann served as Chief of the Redlands Police Department & past president of the Police Foundation; currently he's an advisor to the U.S. Department of Justice