After murder of high profile therapist, questions & doubt raised over whether legal system is protecting abused women--Would skipping security lines motivate you to ride public transit to LAX?--California is Bernie country

KNX In Depth
Wednesday, February 19th
Is our legal system doing enough to protect women who are victims of domestic violence? That's the grim question being asked after the death of Amie Harwick, a therapist who was murdered allegedly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend---an ex-boyfriend against whom she had a restraining order and had made several police reports of physical abuse.  

L.A.'s city council is considering sending you to the front of the security line if you take public transit to LAX.  Is it worth it to ride buses and the rails for what is likely to be a more inconvenient trip to the airport, if it lets you skip the TSA line?

California's presidential primary, now only two weeks away, is increasingly looking like it's Bernie Sanders' race to lose.  Can Michael Bloomberg eat into Sanders big polling edge?

Attorney General Bill Barr has reportedly considered quitting in protest over President Trump's interference in Justice Department issues, but does anyone think he'd seriously do it?

And California corporations have a lot of hiring of women to do over the next year if they want to comply with a new state law.