3.3 million Americans filing for unemployment is just the start -- ER doctors across the country cry for help, supplies and issue dire warnings -- Coronavirus kills MLB's opening day 2020

KNX In Depth
Thursday, March 26th
The economic devastation wrought by the coronavirus outbreak was made painfully clear this morning when we learned that almost 3-point-3-million Americans filed for unemployment in just the past week.  And here's what's really sobering: this is just the first wave of what's expected to be millions more. 

The 2-trillion-dollar stimulus package is coming, but will that be enough? Who will get checks from the government? 

Meanwhile emergency rooms across the country -- and especially in New York City and New Orleans -- are starting to feel the strain from an influx of patients. With ER departments running short on beds, ventilators and protective gear, the worse is probably yet to come.

What's happening in states that have not yet started closing businesses and ordered people to shelter in place -- what are they waiting for?

And today was supposed to be the opening day for Major League Baseball's 2020 season.  Instead, stadiums will remain empty.  We'll talk with the voices of the LA Dodgers and New York Yankees on whether a season can be salvaged.