$2 trillion in economic stimulus on the line, but Congress can't agree on it yet -- Finding religion in the midst of a pandemic -- Coronavirus-induced stress.....over just about everything

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Wednesday, March 25th
Congressional leadership and the White House have agreed on a 2-trillion stimulus package, in an attempt to pull back the American economy from the brink of a coronavirus-induced depression.  How did it come together? And where will all that money go? 

In the months we've been covering the outbreak, we've focused on medicine, science, education, politics and even mental health........but we haven't talked about how everyone's spirituality has been tested.  Are you feeling more religious in the midst of a pandemic?

Air travel has been massively disrupted, and might be on the verge of being shut down entirely:  so what does that mean for anyone still trapped overseas?  We'll talk with one American who's been stuck in Peru for weeks, as borders close down.

And the stress is mounting.........we're two weeks into closed schools, working from home and sheltering in place.  How are you managing the stresses of health, finances and cabin fever?