10 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last 2 weeks -- The origins of the coronavirus outbreak might not be what you think -- Supermarkets working on keeping their shelves stocked, workers healthy

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Thursday, April 2nd
A dubious record was set today in the United States:  6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment over the past week...that makes it almost 10 million people in total who have lost their jobs just within the past two weeks.  The economic damage wrought by the coronavirus outbreak is horrible, and getting worse.

Any hope of a rebound is dependent on getting control of the outbreak, and that remains an elusive target since there's still so much we don't understand about how this virus works.  

A big part of that knowledge comes from understanding how this all began --- could it be possible that this coronavirus had been circulating among humans for years before it turned deadly? There's a new theory. We'll talk with a researcher tracing the origins of the outbreak.

And we'll talk with the heads of a pair of supermarket chains about the continuing challenge of keeping the shelves stocked, and keeping their workers healthy.