(VIDEO) Family of Boyle Heights Man Shot by LAPD Releases Body Cam Video

November 01, 2018 - 4:02 pm

(KNX 1070) -- A previously sealed video of a fatal LAPD shooting of a Boyle Heights man has been released by his family. 

Attorneys Luis Carrillo and Humberto Guizar played footage of the July 28, 2016 incident at a news conference Thursday.

The City of Los Angeles initially refused to release the video, but after the Gonzalez family filed a civil lawsuit, the court granted a motion to release it. 

Gonzalez was killed during a stolen vehicle police pursuit in Boyle Heights. Police say Gonzalez was identified as the driver of the vehicle. 

Police allege that during a struggle with Gonzalez was armed with a loaded .25 caliber semiautomatic handgun. 

Gonzalez's family says the video is proof he did not have a gun at the time an officer shot him twice in the back as the LAPD has claimed.

Carrillo says officer Eden Medina, the officer who killed Gonzalez, also shot and killed a 14-year-old nearly two weeks later. That teen’s shooting sparked protests and his mother filed a claim against the city and the LAPD.

"We also want to point out that this LAPD officer that killed our client, Omar Gonzalez, he was not given desk duty. He was not removed from patrol, and twelve days later he kills a 14-year-old teenager," Carrillo said at Thursday's news conference. "We fault the LAPD for keeping him on patrol when clearly, he should have been fired, or he should've been retrained, or he should've been given a medical leave so that he can sort out the issues of killing a man who at the time was not posing a threat to him."

The Gonzalez family’s lawsuit against the LAPD and city heads to trial next year.

*The video below is graphic in nature*