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UPDATE: Officials Release Video of Teen Suspect who Escaped from Juvenile Hall in Orange

April 12, 2019 - 3:33 pm

A young man has escaped from Juvenile Hall in the City of Orange and the search is on. 

The escape was discovered about 12:10 Friday morning.

According to the OC Sheriff's Department on Twitter: "This morning at 12:11 am, a juvenile escaped from the Orange County Juvenile Hall. The youth is Ike Souzer, 15 years old, male white, approx 6ft, 200lbs, wearing a white shirt and red pants. OC Sheriff is coordinating with OC Probation to apprehend the youth."

It's not clear how much of a head start suspect may have had.

He was in jail for allegedly killing his own mother two years ago. According to a published report then 13-year-old Ike Souzer stabbed his mother repeatedly and left her for dead in front of their Garden Grove home.

Before she died, she told an officer that her son was the person who attacked her and he was arrested less than 30 minutes later.

An active search underway. 

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