UPDATE: LA City Council Gives Tentative Approval for Ordinance to Ban Nearly All Fur Product Sales

February 12, 2019 - 12:57 pm

(KNX 1070) -  The Los Angeles City Council has given tentative approval on an ordinance that would ban the sale and manufacture of nearly all fur products.

Because the vote was not unanimous, a second vote will be required.

Mayor Eric Garcetti will also have to sign the ordinance for it to become official.

It includes some exemptions, including fur of animals trapped by California Fish and Game license holders; the pelts of a deceased animal that is preserved through taxidermy; the gift or transfer of a used fur product between private parties; or a used fur product bought, sold, donated or owned by a nonprofit organization, second-hand store, or pawn shop. 

Los Angeles could be set to become the biggest city in the country to ban the sale of new fur products.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit the manufacture and sale of most fur products by 2021.

Furriers have asked for more time.

"Our lifelong savings are in this business and we have to recoup that money. This is for our family," they said to KNX reporter Claudia Peschiutta.

"We've given them plenty of time. Plenty of times for folks to get rid of their inventory, to slowly phase out and move to faux fur. This is not happening overnight. We have to pass the ordinance And they have two years to get it together," Councilman Bob Blumenfield said.

Councilmember Greig Smith, who was recently appointed to temporarily fill a vacant seat, opposed the proposed ban in a committee vote last week.

He said asking people who've run legitimate businesses for a long time "to just suddenly stop doing business. That's not American."