UPDATE: City of Laguna Beach to Keep Stars and Stripes Graphic on Police Dept. Cars

April 17, 2019 - 7:01 am

Laguna Beach will keep its American flag-themed logo on its police patrol cars. 

The Laguna Beach police department was caught up in a debate over whether or not the Stars and Stripes should be part of a redesign of their cop cars.

Several supporters spoke at last night's public hearing before the City Council's 4-1 vote to stick with the logo. But not everyone was happy, including a retired marine who spoke with CBS 2.

Others, who were opposed to the logo, said it looked mean, aggressive and militaristic. The design includes the word "police" in which the letters I-C-E stand out in red and white.

The Laguna Beach City Council scheduled to take another vote Tuesday night on a graphic for the city's police cars. It had approved the logo, but some community complaints are prompting another look.

One resident made reference to "the amazing community of artists" in the area and said it "feels very aggressive."    

Others like the look. The graphic depicts stars and stripes in red, white and blue.   

One woman, who spoke out against it at a Laguna Beach City Council meeting, says she's getting all kinds of nasty emails and phone calls from people calling her un-American.

The word 'police' would be spelled out in large block letters running the length of both sides of the police cars and those block letters would be red, white and blue and in Stars and Stripes.

Councilmember Steve Dicterow has been hearing complaints.

"There are people in town who have been telling me who feel it is hostile, aggressive, threatening, intimidating and racist," he said.

Steve Dicterow, who is also Mayor Pro Tem, says he doesn't see what the fuss is about and supports the redesign.

While many in the community have praised the move, others called it aggressive and say it doesn't properly represent the city. 

The council agreed to repaint all of its squad cars back in February, but the image that was approved was a more muted version of the design that now appears on the cars.

-KNX 1070