Trader Joes' Shooter Calls Himself a 'Prophet' in Hearing

February 15, 2019 - 11:12 am

(KNX 1070) - Gene Evin Atkins, charged in the deadly shooting incident outside Silver Lake Trader Joe’s last summer, made some very bizarre statements in today's hearing.

He said he doesn’t understand today’s court hearing.  He’s representing himself as the case moves toward a preliminary hearing.

“I’m a prophet. I was sent here by Jesus,” he said during a hearing Friday.

Atkins is representing himself. 

He told the judge he doesn't know what's happening,  doesn't know what this is about, not sure why he's here in court. He told the judge he was sent here by Jesus.

Prosecutors tell the judge they think he's faking.

The judge took no action on Friday and set another court date for later this month

Atkins is charged with murder for the July 21 killing of Melyda Maricela Corado as well as 50 other counts, including attempted murder of a police officer, attempted murder and more.

In October, relatives of an assistant manager of Corado filed a lawsuit against the LAPD.

Attorneys for Mely Corado's father and brother are asking for damages, alleging excessive force, negligence, and infliction of emotional distress, in addition to a failure to adequately train officers and covering up wrongful misconduct.

Corado was killed on July 21, when police fired at a suspect who was running into the store.