Student Identified in College Admissions Scandal, Got a Spot on UCLA Soccer Team

March 20, 2019 - 8:51 am

Another student-athlete has been identified in the recent admissions scandal involving several California schools.

Lauren Isackson was honored with a spot on UCLA's elite soccer team in 2017. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, the team's roster lists her as an honorable mention all-league selection in 2014, for the West Bay Athletic League in Northern California. But federal prosecutors say it was all fake.

Her parents have been implicated for their part in the scandal.

Meanwhile, earlier this week USC students involved in the college admissions scandal could find themselves being booted out.

A California lawmaker wants students and parents in the college admissions scandal to pay a steep price.

Assemblyman Phil Ting says the two UC campuses involved in the scandal need to make a strong statement.

"If they investigated these kids and investigated families and found them to be guilty, my hope is that they will expel as well as rescind the degrees they were given," he said.

The San Francisco Democrat tells KNX if the university doesn't act, this kind of cheating will continue.

"If parents and children cheat their way into college they need to be disciplined and they need to take and have the most severe actions," he said.

Ting cites the example of a former Cal Berkeley student whose father allegedly paid someone $200,000 to take his college entrance exams. 

U-C representatives told lawmakers they're waiting for more evidence from federal authorities before they take any action.

-KNX 1070