Shake Alert Celebrates 10 Yr. Milestone with Morning Drill

October 18, 2018 - 9:34 am

(KNX 1070) -- Today is the 10th anniversary Great California ShakeOut drill. Millions of people will 'drop, cover and hold on' at 10:18 am. 

Millions of people worldwide have signed up to participate in this year's ShakeOut.

At LA City Hall, the new ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system will be tested out.

California's earthquake early warning system is closer to reality with the latest steps revealed Wednesday morning at Cal Tech. 

The sensor web for the system, in areas of Northern and Southern California, is now 50 percent complete, and the software that allows an early quake warning signal to go warn vital public agencies or private businesses and enable them to do critical maneuvers such as shutting down train systems, elevators, gas or water lines is now fully operational.

Doug Given, Quake Early Warning Coordinator for U.S. Geological Survey says there is more good news on the funding to expand the system.

The last major obstacle remaining in getting the quake early warning alert to your cell phone is an expansion of tech capability by telecommunication companies. In technology to get a 10-second warning of a quake may take another couple of years to be fully online.

Seismologists say the system called "Shake Alert" now has more than half the number of sensors it needs installed along the West Coast. 

Businesses, schools, and local governments are now being invited to distribute alerts. 

Shake Alert is also working on technology allowing people to receive alerts through their cell phones. 

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