Santa Monica Announces Lyft, Jump, Bird and Lime for New 'Shared Mobility' Pilot

August 30, 2018 - 12:29 pm

(KNX 1070) -- The suspense is over about which e-scooter companies Santa Monica would choose to take part in its Shared Mobility pilot program. The answer is -- all of them! 

The decision was up to Santa Monica's Director of Planning and Community Development, David Martin, and it was expected he would choose two scooter companies at the most, but word came down today that he will allow Bird, Jump, Lime, and Lyft to participate.

Each company will begin the pilot program on September 17th by providing 750 motorized scooters. The scooters will not be allowed on the beach bike path, the pier or at Santa Monica city parks.

City spokeswoman Constance Farrell says they’re just trying to find the right fit.

The Santa Monica Daily Press reports that Lime has offered to pay the city $1.5 million for infrastructure improvements if it is chosen. If Bird and Lime aren’t selected they’ll have to have all of their scooters out of Santa Monica by September 17 when the city’s pilot program is set to begin.

The Santa Monica City Council approved the ban, also passing a $1 per day, per-device "public right-of-way fee."

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