Cooper Rummell

Residents Express Frustration Over Rebuilding at Woolsey Fire Town Hall Meeting

December 17, 2018 - 7:43 am

(KNX 1070) - Woolsey Fire victims, who attended a recovery meeting at Pepperdine University this weekend, say they can’t seem to get a straight answer about how to start rebuilding.

Malibu residents say it has been incredibly difficult to get anything done as they try to rebuild their homes and their lives from scratch and they’re getting frustrated.

"The restrictions, setbacks,'s all complicated," one man told KNX reporter Cooper Rummell Sunday.

Another man says he just wants to get the debris cleared from his property and even that has caused massive headaches but he says he feels like he’s starting to get somewhere. He told Rummell he doesn’t blame officials for not having all the answers about how to rebuild right away but he says he hopes the process speeds up a bit in the New Year. 

Nearly four hundred people turned out in Calabasas for a town hall Thursday night about rebuilding after the Woolsey Fire, but many left with more questions than answers.

This woman who lost her home spoke with CBS 2:

"We are getting different information from Edison, Public Works and from the Department of Planning right here," she said.

Others had questions about what aid is available, cleanup and on-going air quality issues. 

The gatherings are purely about recovery.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl is hosting the town halls.

She says there will be representatives from agencies including FEMA and surrounding communities, along with more than a dozen resource tables.

"Everything from mental health and animal welfare, in case you are still looking for your pet, to public works and planning all the different offices you might have to go to," she said. 

She says it's about connecting people with the right help and getting their questions answered.