Hundreds of Former Federal Prosecutors Say Trump Would Be Indicted if Not President

Rebekah Sager
May 06, 2019 - 11:38 am

(KNX 1070) -- Nearly 400 former federal prosecutors wrote in a letter released Monday that if  President Donald Trump was not a sitting president, he would be indicted on felony charges for obstruction of justice.

The letter, released on Medium, outlines several acts that fit the description of conduct to obstruct a federal investigation. 

These include:

· The President’s efforts to fire Mueller and to falsify evidence about that effort;

· The President’s efforts to limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation to exclude his conduct; and

· The President’s efforts to prevent witnesses from cooperating with investigators probing him and his campaign.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter. 

The letter went on to say: "The Special Counsel’s report establishes that the President tried to influence the decisions of both Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort with regard to cooperating with investigators. Some of this tampering and intimidation, including the dangling of pardons, was done in plain sight via tweets and public statements; other such behavior was done via private messages through private attorneys, such as Trump counsel Rudy Giuliani’s message to Cohen’s lawyer that Cohen should “[s]leep well tonight[], you have friends in high places."

The letter ends by inviting any former federal prosecutors to add their names to the list in support of the letter. The letter adds a link to Protect Democracy