Laguna Beach Police Department

Panga Boat Lands in Laguna Beach, Four Detained

June 19, 2018 - 12:50 pm

(KNX1070) - For the second time in eight days, a panga boat landed on the shore of Laguna Beach in the Crystal Cove area Tuesday, but this time, four people were taken into custody.

The small boat landed around 8 a.m. Laguna Beach police and sheriff's officials conducted an extensive search of the area for other possible occupants of the boat, assisted by a helicopter crew and a drone.

It was unclear how many people may have originally been on the small boat.  El Morro Elementary School was placed on a lockdown in which parents and buses were allowed to drop off students at the school, according to the Laguna Beach Police Department.  The police department kept officers on campus throughout the incident and earlier Tuesday morning, the lockdown was lifted.

On June 11, a small panga boat that was believed to be carrying as many as 12 people landed in the same general area in what police dubbed a human smuggling operation.