Official Complaint from the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon

Oregon Horse Sues Former Owner for Neglect in Court

August 15, 2018 - 3:22 pm

(KNX 1070) - Can an animal file a lawsuit?

That's the story from the 1 p.m. KNX In-Depth show Wednesday where a horse in Oregon, who was mistreated and abused by its owner, filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon this summer.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is representing Justice,  an American Quarter horse, who is suing his former owner for negligence after a vet found he was 300 pounds underweight. Not only did his coat have lice but his genitals were frost-bitten.

So how does a horse actually file a lawsuit?

Attorney Sarah Hanneken, who is representing Justice, says this case is not as unusual as you might think. Hanneken says the lawsuit is for $100,000 which would go towards the horse's long-term care and that's all that his new owners can spend it on.

He is listed as the plaintiff in the complaint.

Justice, formerly known as Shadow, is now well and healthy, as seen in the photo below, and living in the Sound Equine Options training barn in Troutdale, Oregon. 

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Oregon courts recognize both that animals are victims and that victims have a right to sue their abusers for the harms they have inflicted, according to the complaint.

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