New Evac Orders Lifted for Malibu and Agoura Hills Areas

November 16, 2018 - 1:35 pm

(KNX 1070) -- Some new lifted evacuation orders were announced in the Malibu/Agoura Hills Friday morning.

Beginning at 11 a.m. Friday, the following unincorporated county areas located in the Triunfo Canyon neighborhood of Agoura will be opened to residents only:

• North of Kanan Road

• Triunfo Canyon Road

• South of Sherwood Drive

• Including the neighborhood east of Hidden Highlands

In Malibu, PCH has opened up all the way to Malibu Canyon Road, with some side streets still closed.

Topanga Canyon Road from Mulholland to PCH is open to everyone. No checking of IDs.

Malibu Canyon Road closed til further notice.

Beginning at 2 p.m. Friday, the following areas in Agoura Hills will have lifted evacuation orders:

Kanan Road (east)

Sherwood Drive (west)

City of Agoura Hills limit (north)

Hidden Highland (south)

Meanwhile, earlier on Friday as more Malibu residents are allowed to go home this week as the Woolsey fire is continuing to burn, there are still a lot of people who can't.

And nerves are beginning to fray in Malibu because of that.

KNX reporter Craig Fiegener:

On Thursday, more Malibu residents were able to go home. Starting at 2 p.m. Thursday, evacuation orders will be lifted in the Malibu area of Pacific Coast Highway between Webb Way on the east to the 25-700 block of PCH east of Corral Canyon, from the ocean north to the Malibu city limit.

Pepperdine University will remain closed, as will Puerco Canyon Road north of the hard gate, the Corral Canyon Park and Malibu Beach RV Park.

Malibu Canyon Road will be closed north of Civic Center Way.

Some Malibu evacuations were lifted as of 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. 

MALIBU: The Malibu Colony neighborhood and Civic Center area will remain closed. Residents only will be allowed to return to the area of Pacific Coast Highway from Carbon Canyon Road on the east to Webb Way on the west, from the ocean to the northern city limit. The area along PCH north of Pepperdine is sitll under an evacuation order. 

AGOURA: New evacuation orders being lifted in unincorporated parts of Agoura -- for residents only.

Here are details:

Kanan Road from Cornell Road, north, to Malibu View Court, south.

Southeast of Kanan Road to include the Saratoga Hills neighborhood.

Cornell Road from Kanan Road, north of Wagon Road.

Again, this is for residents only.

Lake Sherwood: Ventura County Sheriff's Office says mandatory evacuations have been lifted in the Lake Sherwood area, south of Potrero Road and north of the Lake.

Including homes in and around: 

• Lake Sherwood Drive

• Stone Creek Court

• Baybrook Court

• David Lane

• Ravensbury Street

• Cricketfield Court and

• Trentham Road

Serra Retreat and Sweetwater Mesa: The Serra Retreat and Sweetwater Mesa neighborhoods will also be reopened to residents only.

On Tuesday afternoon, residents who live between Coastline to Carbon Mesa Rd, and from the ocean to the northern city limits (with some exceptions), were allowed entry with proper I.D.

The Woolsey Fire Unified Commanders announced that residents in the following neighborhoods will be granted access with valid I.D.:

• West of Coastline Dr
• East of Carbon Mesa Rd
• From the ocean to the northern Malibu city limits (between Coastline and Carbon Mesa Rd) with the following exceptions: 
o FULL CLOSURE at Tuna Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway. 
o FULL CLOSURE on Rambla Pacifico Dr 400 meters north of PCH (at Tennis Courts). 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's personnel will be maintaining a checkpoint at PCH just north of Coastline Dr in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County. Only RESIDENTS of the repopulated areas in the City of Malibu will be permitted to enter this area and must provide proper I.D. Malibu businesses and their employees will not be allowed access.

The fire bosses say they hope to fully surround this destructive monster by Sunday. 

LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby says firefighters are much more optimistic now about controlling the Woolsey Fire. 

The Woosley Fire is 97,620 acres and 47 percent contained at this point.

Osby says firefighters and other officials are working as quickly as they can to make evacuated areas safe for people to return. 

The fire has destroyed more than 483 structures and damaged 86.

It's burned more than 96,000 acres, equalling about 150 square miles of land -- bigger than the city of Las Vegas.

Osby adds that the Woosley Fire is officially the largest fire on record for Los Angeles County, with records dating back more than 100 years.

The mandatory evacuation that was issued for the entire City of Malibu since Friday, November 9, due to the Woolsey Fire has been lifted for a limited number of residences on the east end of the City.

Evacuation orders remain in effect for all other neighborhoods of Malibu. 

Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 29, Southern California Edison, and Southern California Gas Company have confirmed that all the released addresses have water, electricity, and gas service, although water service is limited and water pressure is low.

Further lifting of the evacuation order will be made public as areas are deemed safe for return.

The following areas are no longer under an evacuation order:

The city of Hidden Hills will be fully reopened. This will include all residences within the city limits as follows:

West of Valley Circle Boulevard

East of Crummer Canyon Road, and

North of the Interstate 101 Freeway to the northern city limits

The City of Calabasas will have limited areas reopened which include:

West of Topanga Canyon Boulevard

Northwest of Mulholland Highway

North of Stunt Road East of Las Virgenes Road

East of the Lost Hills Road neighborhoods (including Lost Springs and Saratoga)

South of the Los Angeles/Ventura County Line

From Mulholland Highway to the intersection of Summit to Summit Mountainway and Adamsville Avenue

The city of Westlake Village will also have limited areas reopened as follows:

City limits on the west, from the intersection of Westlake Boulevard and Sycamore Canyon Drive-north to the Ventura County and City of Agoura Hills boundaries.

The city of Agoura Hills will reopen its impacted areas from:

Chesebro Road on the eastern border

Agoura Road (north and south of the road) from Chesebro Road to the west

South of Agoura Road

East of Cornell Road

West of Las Virgenes Road

North of Mulholland Highway

The northern section of the unincorporated Topanga:

North of Viewridge Road

South of the Los Angeles city limit

East of Topanga Canyon Boulevard

West of Double Ranch Road or Santa Maria Road

The southern section of the city of Malibu and unincorporated Malibu areas. This includes neighborhoods which are:

Pacific Coast Highway

West of Coastline Drive

East of Carbon Mesa Road

From the ocean to the Malibu city limits with some exceptions

Malibu residents only:

Pacific Coast Highway from Carbon Canyon Road (east) to Webb Way (west)

From the ocean to the Northern City limit

Neighborhoods of Serra Retreat and Sweetwater Mesa

IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: The Malibu Colony neighborhood and Civic Center area will remain closed

Future repopulation notifications will be provided in real-time as evacuation orders are lifted.

Mandatory Evacuations

*Reissued*  South Coast  – East of Las Posas Rd and South of Potrero Rd to Hwy 1 (PCH) and County Line. White Stallion North of Potrero Rd.

Evacuation Centers

Taft High School

Pierce College

Palisades High School

School Closures

For Ventura County Community College District Closures, please check their website at www.vcccd.edu/

For Pepperdine University (Malibu and Calabasas campuses), please check their website at http://emergency.pepperdine.edu/

For Ventura County School Closures, please check the Ventura County Office of Education website https://www.vcoe.org/

Animal Shelters

Pierce College 

Hansen Dam 


Cal Lutheran University

If you need large animal assistance, please call (818) 991-0071


Airbnb is offering housing to displaced residents evacuated from the Hill and Woolsey fires. 

The program is available through Nov. 29, 2018, and the company is encouraging hosts to consider opening their homes to those in need for free.

The website is https://www.airbnb.com/welcome/evacuees/venturacounty.

This story is developing.