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Local Reaction to Iran Deal Ranges from Bold to Terrible

May 08, 2018 - 4:24 pm

LOS ANGELES (KNX1070) - Reaction from southern California members of congress range from "bold leadership" to "a terrible mistake."

In a statement San Diego area Republican congressman Darrell Issa said the president's decision puts Iran and its regional proxies on notice adding that the agreement negotiated under the previous administration was irresponsible and put Americans at risk.

It was a much different reaction from Burbank Democratic congressman Adam Schiff.

Schiff says the President's decision was made to try to eradicate the legacy of the Obama Administration.

Local Iranians ran the gamut also. In Pershing Square in Westwood many were either unsure of the ramifications of the deal and others supported Trump and said Iran is lying to the world.