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LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to Testify Before House Committee on Infrastructure

February 07, 2019 - 7:16 am

 LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is scheduled today to testify before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure's first hearing of the 116th Congress.

The hearing is titled "The Cost of Doing Nothing: Why Investing in Our Nation's Infrastructure Cannot Wait," and will examine the current state of the nation's highways, bridges, transit systems, ports, and airports, the backlog of maintenance and repair needs and "the increasing costs of federal inaction," according to Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon, the committee's chairman.

Garcetti will appear on a panel at the hearing at the Capitol Visitor Center with Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Ray LaHood, a transportation secretary in the Obama administration, now a co-chair of Building America's Future Education Fund, which bills itself as "a bipartisan coalition of elected officials dedicated to bringing about a new era of U.S. investment in infrastructure that enhances our nation's prosperity and quality of life."

Garcetti is appearing because he is the chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Infrastructure Task Force.

 "I look forward to kicking off my chairmanship with a thoughtful, productive discussion that will inform our work on a comprehensive infrastructure bill that creates jobs, increases economic growth for all Americans," DeFazio said.

In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Donald Trump said, "Both parties should be able to unite for a great rebuilding of America's crumbling infrastructure. I know that Congress is eager to pass an infrastructure bill, and I am eager to work with you on legislation to deliver new and important infrastructure investment, including investments in the cutting-edge industries of the future. This is not an option. This is a necessity."

The trip is Garcetti's third in three weeks. He was in Washington Jan. 23-24 for the U.S. Conference of Mayors' 87th Winter Meeting and in Atlanta last weekend for Super Bowl LIII.