LA County Labor Leaders Voted Unanimously to Support Boycott of 6,000 Rite Aid Workers

September 10, 2018 - 5:01 pm

(KNX 1070) -- LA County labor leaders unanimously voted to support a boycott and possible strike by some 6,000 Rite Aid workers in Southern California.

The decision by members of the County Federation of Labor still needs to be approved by the executive board.

If that happens and the United Food and Commercial Workers call for a walkout, about 800,000 members of other unions would honor the picket lines and refuse to shop at Rite Aid.

UFCW accuses Rite Aid of failing to "seriously" negotiate a new contract.

The union says the company wants to end retiree health care benefits, slash full-time jobs and put restrictions on pay raises that would keep almost 90 percent of workers from getting a salary increase.

A Rite Aid spokesman has not responded to our requests for comment.

The workers have been without a contract since July.

A federal mediator has been called in.