Photo credit: Jack Gorton

LA County Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia Greeted with Both Warm, Chilly Reception Back on the Job

May 25, 2018 - 1:29 pm

(KNX1070) - Protestors are demanding Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia resign - even though a groping investigation turned up nothing. Garcia is back on the job in Sacramento - after being investigated for allegedly groping a male staffer.

She was greeted with both welcoming and scorn as she returned to the assembly floor. Some fellow Democrats met her with hugs, while some in the gallery wore T-shirts spelling out the word, "RESIGN."

Garcia had taken a three month leave of absence.

KNX1070 reporter Craig Fiegener reports the latest developments:

The assembly speaker is requiring the assemblywoman to attend sensitivity training. She'd been accused of asking male staffers to play spin the bottle - one complained about it and said it got him fired. 

A spokesperson for Garcia says the allegations were investigated - found unsubstantiated -  and called the protest disruptive.